Jason Hope Brings Hope The World

As the name reads, Jason Hope is a carrier of hope and vast knowledge when it comes to Internet of Things (IoTs). Jason Hope has created a name for himself as an entrepreneur and also sealed his fate as a prolific writer and a commentator on tech trends. Hope believes that the IoTs hold the future and that the wave is getting more and greater.

Jason Hope has made a significant influence to the word as far as technology is concerned. As Hope explains it, IoTs can transform business enterprises, and thus it is the top advancement in the technology field. According to Jason Hope, the IoTs will fuel the conception of a world where all devices can be connected to one another. Although the Internet of things is currently termed as a luxury, in the future the IoTs will become an essential business requirement.

Apart from his vast knowledge in the internet of things, Hope is a philanthropist; he has vested his time trying to uplift the welfare of other disadvantaged people by incessantly doing charity. The business mogul from Arizona has dedicated much of his resources transforming people lives. He has been very active when it comes to funding and supporting humanitarian organizations especially in fighting the effects of old age.

Jason Hope is also a semblance of hope to many; he strives to help upcoming entrepreneurs towards their dream realization. Jason believes that many young men have multi-million ideas, but due to lack of funding and financial insight, they end up killing the ideas that could be their pathway to greatness. Thus he has devoted his life to support the ideas as well as the struggling businesses through funding and offering financial advice.

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Norman Pattiz Releases Results of Edison Research Studies’ on Network’s Brand Lift

Norman Pattiz, the executive chairman of PodcastOne together with Tom Webster, the VP of strategy at Edison Research released the results of a number of comprehensive studies on advertising tests. The studies focused on advertising tests involving five key consumer brands countrywide drawn from five diverse service and product categories.

This was the first ever study conducted on before and after campaign brand lift for advertisers using podcast. It was conducted during the second half of 2016, and portrayed the noteworthy upbeat bang of podcast advertising on things like purchase intent, brand recall and recollect of precise messaging. The studies revealed a number of key findings.

Edison Research Studies

Edison Research was involved in three different studies conducted in 2016 for PodcastOne. They were aimed at finding out the effectiveness that five major national brands got from podcast advertising.

A number of the brands were popular but were involved in launching their new messaging and other less-known brands seeking trial and increased awareness.

In all the studies, online surveys were conducted on audiences from the leading podcasts before the advertising campaigns started running. After the podcast advertising promotions had run for about 4-6 weeks, another online survey was conducted.

It was clear from the results that the audiences were interested in the brand messages and portrayed a genuine readiness to either purchase or consider such brands.


According to Crunchbase, Norman Pattiz, the founder and executive chairman of PodcastOne stated that the core focus of his company has always been verifying independently the impact of podcast advertising.

This is necessary in ensuring that it has a bigger impact than the conventional methods of advertising. Tom Webster, Edison Research’s VP of strategy, on the other hand stated that he was delighted for partnering with PodcastOne as well as the five major brands to assess podcast advertising’s impact.

About Norman Pattiz

Pattiz is the founder as well as chairman of radio giant Westwood One, which he led to become the largest radio network in America. It also became the largest provider of traffic programming, sports, news, talk and entertainment in the broadcast family. In 2013, Pattiz launched PodcastOne and the company grew fast to become the leader in the area of audio on-demand programming.

Currently, PodcastOne has a lineup of popular brands and personalities like Kathie Lee, Dan Patrick, Adam Carolla, Brandi Glanville, Dennis Miller, Jillian Michaels, Dan Patrick, Steve Austin, NPR Los Angeles, NPR New York and Jay Mohr. He was appointed in 2000 and 2002 by Presidents Clinton and Bush respectively on the Broadcasting Board of Governors, USA.

Learn more about Norman Pattiz: https://www.linkedin.com/in/norman-pattiz

Online Reputation News for Businesses and Startups

Savoring a positive online reputation is key for businesses today, especially with access to Facebook review pages, Yelp!, and even private social media profiles of those involved with the business in question. Understanding the importance of keeping a clean and positive online presence with social media is not simply recommended, it is required in order to avoid backlash from critics or even major news outlets today.

Working With an Online Reputation Management Company

Working together with an online reputation management company is not solely for business owners, although it is becoming more of a necessity today with billions of users gaining access to your personal thoughts, feelings, and opinions and issues that matter most to them. According to onlinereputationreviews.com, an online reputation management service is ideal for anyone who has a business or professional nature to protect, even if you work on your own.

Review and Nurture Your Social Media and Online Posts

Any time you are scrolling through your social media feeds or any posts you have made public within magazines, blogs, or even on your own website it is highly advisable to correct, edit, or delete the content altogether to avoid becoming a scapegoat (which has happened to many large corporations in the past few years). Keep personal opinions which may be offensive to yourself, or create a private profile only for those you know and have access to in order to avoid individuals from finding the content you share to be inappropriate in any way.

Remove Content That May Be Deemed “Inappropriate” or “Offensive”

Whether you are working on your own or if you have hired an online reputation management company to help, it’s important to remove all content that is offensive, hateful, or simply inappropriate. This is especially warranted for business professionals and employees of a company that specifically warns against this type of rhetoric.

The more you know about keeping a positive online presence, the easier it becomes to ward off potential backlash and critical articles that may ultimately become the demise of your business or professional life. Think before you post, as everything you share is likely archived and can be found with just a few clicks and searching the web.

Brian Bonar Helps Medical Job Seekers Every Day

Brian Bonar is one the most prestigious residents of Southern California, and he has fallen in love with the city after spending many decades there. The work that he has done with Dalrada Financial Corporation, Trucept and Amanda Inc. shows that he is capable of growing multiple companies at the same time, and he has shown that he has a passion for food that is changing the face of San Diego’s restaurant culture. This article takes a look at Brian and his amazing capabilities.

#1: Growing Dalrada Financial

Dalrada is a financial servies company that helps businesses offer perks to their employees, and the company makes many different investments for clients. There are many clients who have better retirement packages because of his company, and he rose to the level of CEO after many years with the firm.

He was named CEO because the company knew that he was the right man for the job. The company has many more partners because of Brian’s networking skills, and he was given a Who’s Who award for networking.

#2: Running Other Companies

Brian Brian has shown that he is capable running more than one company at a time, and he knows that the companies needed help growing their business. Brian knows how to train his staff, and he knows that a number of people have found better jobs because of the work that he has done.

He built up Amanda and Trucept using the skills he gained at Dalrada, and he has taken up a passion for food that he is sharing with the public.

#3: Bellamy’s And The Ranch At Bandy Canyon

The Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a lovely place to host events, and Brian has started it outside San Diego to share his love for French food. He started Bellamy’s in Escondido when there was an opening, and he believes that his passion for French food will make his restaurants more appealing.

There is a beautiful bar at Bellamy’s that hosts many customers at night, and the Ranch at Bandy Canyon is a place where anyone may come to dine. Brian learned quite a lot about French food in preparation for starting his restaurants, and he brought over French chefs to run his kitchens.

There are many different people who are searching for better jobs in San Diego, and they will find jobs with the companies Brian has grown.

Brian has grown three companies using his skills, and there are many others who will come to his restaurants because they love his take on French food. Brian Bonar is a wise man who has created the finest establishments in San Diego, and he is lauded often for the work he has done.

End Citizens United Bolster Coffers and Expands Operations

End Citizens United, a political action committee formed in 2015 and dedicated to combating big money in American politics, has recently decided to pool their energies into making some big bucks themselves. For outsiders who may not be very familiar with the organization this might seem like a rather hypocritical thing to do with many asking, “If you are so dedicated to fighting big money in politics why are you getting into the same game?!” But the cold hard truth of the matter is, to overturn legislature pertaining to the current campaign finance regulations a great deal of money will be needed, not just for court cases, but also to field candidates and spokespersons who can effect change at both the grass roots and congressional levels.


Another charge that has been labeled at End Citizens United is that they are operating just like the thing they so often decry – Super PACs, which can allow potentially unlimited amounts of money to flow into (and sometimes out of) political campaigns. However, this characterization is not entirely accurate, as End Citizens United is only a traditional PAC (political action comittee) with the old hard cap of $5000 dollars per individual donation, which means that they cannot legally act in the same shadowy fashion as many of the super PACs operating today, even if they wanted to.


The group has, as of the first 3 months of the new fiscal year, generated over 4 million US dollars in contributions through their PAC. The administrators of the group, such as Tiffany Muller, state that their projected fiscal pool will increase to $ 35 million by 2018 which is well ahead of the congressional midterms and this is important because End Citizens United is already beginning to field candidates to Congress. The first candidate they have backed for congress is the political newcomer, Jon Ossoff, a Democrat from Georgia. The four million dollars raised will go to Mr. Ossoff in its entirety for a April 8th special election which seeks to fill a congressional void left by the departure of former Republican congressman, Tom Price (who has since left office after being inducted into the Trump Administration as the US Secretary of Health and Human Services).


Donald Trump has since taken to social media to decry the decision stating that Mr. Ossoff would be a, “Disaster,” for congress. Only time will tell if Mr. Ossoff’s peers agree with the Commander and Chief’s assessment.


Copa Star’s Top Notch Medical Care

The provision of health care services in Brazil has been enhanced since the opening of a state-of-the-art facility that is known as Copa Star Hospital. Approximately $115 million was spent in the completion of the hospital that has more than 105 luxurious wards. Its rooms are highly executive and private, and this attracts celebrities and other personalities who need to be in an environment that is secluded. The medical center also owns diagnostic rooms and operating theaters that have been developed innovatively, and they are highly comfortable. It is based in a strategic place in South Rio, and this allows it to enjoy the breeze from the sea. The hospital is regarded as the first five-star medical facility that has been established in the country to address the needs of people wish to have high-end treatment.

Copa Star Hospital utilizes technology in managing most of its operations. It has an outstanding hospital management system that makes it easy for patients to interact with medical professionals in the facility. The program enables the clients to control their environment and also contact doctors in case of an emergency. It is operated by using tablets and computer systems that are incorporated in the hospital beds. Individuals who are admitted to the hospital can manage their room temperature and also activities such as closing and opening of curtains by using the software.

Before the launch of Copa Star Hospital most people who needed top notch medical care had to fly to various first world countries. The opening of the five-star facility will enable them to be treated without having to leave their country. The accessibility of the hospital will also reduce the cost of treatment. Copa is dedicated to offering the best care to individuals who seek its service. It ensures that all patients are diagnosed well using its modern equipment and are also given the best prescriptions that will enable them to be cured completely. The staff members of the hospital have been coached on how to ensure that all patients have a surrounding that makes them feel comfortable. The hospital’s hallways are well decorated, and they make it look lively. View the design at RafArquitetura

Copa Star is served by specialists in various fields. It has about 500 employees, and 113 of them are doctors. All the members of its staff pass through an induction program that lasts for two months to allow them to learn how to use its equipment and computer systems. According to the management of the hospital, the Rio-based facility has been a success. It plans to establish other executive medical centers that will be based in cities such as Sao Paulo and Brasilia. Online reviews that have been made by the public indicate that Copa Star is a perfect provider of health care. Visit their profile page on Facebook.Com

Information Technology

Big data is a buzzword right now in the economy. Many companies are investing a lot of money into areas so that they can understand more about their customers. Not only that, but a lot of people are excited about what Arthur Becker is doing in this field. He wants to help companies in a variety of areas with this part of their business. Arthur Becker is always looking for more areas to invest in, especially with some of the changes that are starting to take place. If you want to invest for the future, learning from him is a great decision. He invests his money into many ares of the market and tends to have success in them.

Arthur Becker

When he first started investing, things were not as easy for Arthur Becker. However, he has worked his way up and he now has the tools that are needed to make a positive impact in the lives of others. He sees all of the potential that is in information technology. There are many applicable fields of information technology, especially when it comes to helping others in a variety of ways. He is excited about some of the changes that are starting to take place in the economy as well. He knows that more companies are going to start seeing the value in these areas, and he wants to make sure that this is something that is going to continue. Arthur Becker knows how to help others through his investments and make money at the same time.

Future Investments

In the coming years, Arthur Becker wants to continue to invest in different areas of the economy. Not only that, but he is excited about some of the changes that are coming as well. He knows that he is in a good financial position to start helping others. In addition, he wants to know how he can do the best overall in the economy. If you want to follow in his steps, you need to start learning about various areas of business. This is a great way to have success over the long term financially.

For more info, visit Arthur Becker’s Linked In page and personal website at arthurbeckerstudio.com.


Igor Cornelsen; One Of The Best Investment Official Brazil Has To Offer

In today society, every individual aspires to become successful in every venture one undertakes. Some people venture in the stock industry, and not all of them can make it and become successful. Igor Cornelsen, on the other hand, is one individual who has been able to make a name for himself in the investment industry on snappages.com. He has been able to become an inspiration and motivation to many people who aspire to succeed. The reason behind being an inspiration to many future investors is the mere fact that he has been able to earn his clients trust and bring about positive results. The stock market is known for its tricky nature and thus hard for an individual to succeed but Igor Cornelsen was able to rise against all the odds.

Currently residing in South Florida and working for Bainbridge Investment Inc. Bahamas, Cornelsen passion has always been the stock market even while still working at the bank. Before joining the Investment Industry, Mr. Cornelsen was a banker in one of Brazil’s largest banks. While working at the bank, he was able to learn about the stock market, and this enabled him to be in a position of predicting how the market will behave at http://igorcornelsen.yolasite.com/. With this in mind, Cornelsen decided to retire and venture in the investment industry. Apart from Investing, Igor likes playing golf.

Having established a name for himself in the stock industry, Igor Cornelsen is known for his unique ability to develop and create strategies that help in dealing with damaged stocks. Stocks can be damaged due to various reasons such as firms facing scandals. Once in a while, Mr. Cornelsen travels back to his home country, Brazil, where he offers financial consultation to those who require his services. When it comes to providing financial advice, Igor always advises all investors to avoid investing in companies that are permanently damaged as they can never recover from the loss. Many investors on linkedin.com listen to what he says considering he was able to enable Brazil’s banks to gain profit during the economic recession something not many people are capable of doing.

Igor Cornelsen is always available to offer help and advice to investors as he knows through this, he is able to change a person’s life somewhere.

Securus’ Wireless Containment Solution Could End The World Of Contraband Cell Phones

In recent news, one of the largest providers of criminal justice and civil technology solutions announced that it has launched another application of its Wireless Containment Solution (WCS). Securus Technologies provides technology solutions for corrections and monitoring, public safety, and investigation.


Recently going live with this action in another facility, Securus is now using their WCS to prevent the illegal contraband cell phones from getting inside by reaching mobile networks. This stops the illegal network access and also collects the identity of these cell phones, giving data to correctional investigation teams that can help them solve and prevent crimes.


Chairman and CEO of Securus Technologies, Inc. Richard Smith is happy that states are taking a more offensive approach towards their biggest threat to security by preventing unauthorized communications. He is confident that these states are implementing the company’s WCS because it works wonderfully and its goal to keep the public safe works. The team at Securus is committed to always doing their best to create the best solutions that can help correctional facilities control contraband devices in their facilities all over the country.


Numerous other providers have attempted to create various managed access solutions, but have come out a little lackluster on the expertise and technology to be completely successful with the idea. Other solutions have come out of the woodwork that identify cell phone signals, but cannot prevent them. This only wastes time and possibly puts lives at risk. Securus Technologies’ Wireless Containment Solution actually prevents calls from being made through the network, preventing possible damage to witnesses, victims, officers, inmates, and other society members.


Richard Smith claims that their WCS is made with technology that not only controls but manages every unauthorized device within the controlled area, while still letting authorized devices connect as needed. This WCS holds features within the technology that allows for customization, making each facility able to personalize the WCS to their needs. Smith knows that the biggest complaint from correctional facilities regarding security is contraband cellphones in the hands of inmates, allowing inmates to continue criminal activity from behind bars. Securus’ mission with their WCS is to help these facilities improve the safety of society from both inside and outside of the walls.


Securus Technologies, Inc. services almost 3,500 law enforcement, correctional, and public safety facilities all over the country. Based in Dallas, Texas, Securus is committed to providing services to these facilities like public information, investigation, communication, information management, emergency response, incident management, and inmate self-service, with the end goal of making the country a safer place.




Ways of Improving your Business’s Online Reputation Management

With the increased rate of online communication users and e-shopping comes a great need for a business to keep track of its reputation. By monitoring the reputation of your business at any given moment, you gain a better opportunity when it comes to dealing with bad client experiences. As such, a business can mitigate a damaging situation before it cripples its entire operations since bad publicity goes viral easily. Here are some of the pointers that can assist an enterprise in bolstering its online reputation management endeavors.

Stay Informed about your Brand

Staying updated with any information regarding your brand is vital. This means gathering information regarding what other individuals say about your brand. In this case, you can rely on effective monitoring tools such as Mention or Google Alerts. These tools assist your business in knowing what other people post about the business.

Update your Sites Regularly

Make sure that all your sites such as a website and social media pages are regularly updated with fresh and informative content. This ensures that the sites maintain their relevance. By doing so, they gain a better chance of ranking higher in search engine results. Further, make sure that you contract professionals in a bid to get quality, fresh and informative content for your sites.

Dealing with Bad Press

When faced with negative publicity, the best thing is to avoid reacting instantly. You need to gather information about the disparaging information before making any response. Make sure that you admit to the mistakes. Be honest about the mistake and describe the initiative the business intends to take to fix the issue. By displaying a sense of openness, you gain a better opportunity of winning the customers’ trust back.

Maintain an Excellent Relationship with the Customers

Maintaining a good relationship with your customers is vital. This is because online reputation management is highly influenced by the number of people who believe the information being said about the business. A brand that has many followers or enthusiasts will definitely weather negative publicity. The audience will engage in debates on social media to defend their favorite business or brand against bad publicity.